Clivins and Elizabeth

Clivins + Elizabeth = Clivabeth 

Yep, we are a husband and wife team! Our story clicked from the very beginning and now we’re partners 4 life :) We are blessed to have two amazing little children that keep us on our toes and our fingers busy taking pics of them... all the time haha. Our relationship with God, and our family and friends are extremely valuable. Which ignited our passion for photography to capture special moments the best way possible. Through the years, it's been an honor to do this professionally for our clients. It’s awesome to live in a world where sharing pictures through social media is fun and exciting. However, we still love the timeless emotions of reviewing personal photos that are precious to our family, especially through albums and hanging on the walls of our home.

You are super appreciated for checking out our work. We’d love to chat with you and learn more about the moments you want to capture. How about we give you a personalized session? You will be happy to learn more details about our services, mind blowing advanced editing skills, customized packages and to just see how real we are as people.

You can hit us up through our form, email us or give us a call (310) 557-6245.

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